Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Corrected entry: While watching the tapes at Jeff's house, he shouts "caffeine!" over to Erica, saying in a manner of speaking he wants some coffee. Erica leaves to go make a pot but looks through Jeff's fridge/freezer instead. When she comes back upstairs after the 'love scene' in the kitchen, she tells Kim and Jeff "We're out of beer'.


Correction: I keep my coffee in the fridge, and my brother keeps his coffee in his freezer; it is supposed to keep it fresh for a longer time. As far as the beer goes, she may have noticed while looking for the coffee in there that they are also out of beer. Another explanation may be that his interpretation of "caffeine" may actually refer to beer. Whatever the reason, it can't be ruled a proper mistake.

Corrected entry: When the goth women goes to get beer by herself she turns to see the camera behind her, but when viewed on the police video at the end it is behind the clerk instead.

Correction: None of the videos that are shown in the Police Station are the same as they were when originally shot. The difference in videos is to show that their perception of the events don't necessarily match the reality. Therefore, just because Kim saw the camera behind her doesn't mean it was actually there.

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Corrected entry: Might just be me, but there's no "book of shadows" in the whole film. The only book even mentioned is the one that couple are writing, and that doesn't seem to have anything to do with what happens...

Correction: Throughout the film there are indications that it is the Blair Witch that is playing with their minds. Erica also tells us that the Blair Witch really was a witch, and one of the tools used, at least in Wicca, is a Book of Shadows.

Corrected entry: When Jeff opens the door the second time to use the shotgun on the "dogs" they aren't on the bridge. But you don't hear the barking of his door-alarm, either.

Correction: Thats just one of the things to indicate that something is wrong.

Corrected entry: In one scene, you can see, how the girl dressed in black imagines that Rustin Parr is sitting in front of her and melting away on the chair in his prisoner clothes. He is sitting on the electric-chair. But in fact, Rustin Parr was hanged.

Correction: She was having a premonition that Jeff was going to die from a death sentence in the electric chair (they mentioned she was psychic). If you look, you can clearly you can see it's Jeff in the chair wearing a modern-day prisoner's uniform.

Corrected entry: When Jeff is watching Erica on the tapes that were discovered by Kim, it shows her hiding the tapes under the wall where the other tapes were found, then she stares at the screen until it flips back to the site. This is impossible because Jeff is watching the tapes that they found under the wall so it couldn't have shown her hiding them unless they found another tape that wasn't buried.

Correction: It's not impossible because it was on a tripod until she knocked it over. It could've been found with the other tapes if she had hidden it with the others after the camera got knocked over.

Corrected entry: Funny how Kim comes back with coffee and beer when she only bought beer...

Correction: She brought Jeff coffee only because he asked her to bring coffee when she was unpacking the beer.

Plot hole: Referring to that blackout night. How come the group can actually film how they put all their cameras and stuff into its hide?

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Teenager #3: Hey Elvira, I've got something you can suck the blood outta.
Kim: Oh yeah? Whip it out.

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Trivia: Rustin Parr shows up in the movie. In the general store there is a man on the floor "fixing" the fridge. He doesn't move in his scenes and seems dead. The only time he speaks is in Chapter 15 after Kim says "Excuse me" and he says "I'm finished now" Rustin Parr was said to have walked into a general store after killing the Burkittsville 7 and saying the same thing. Also "The Secret Confession of Rustin Parr" by DA Sterns shows a picture of Rustin Parr played by the same actor in the movie.

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Question: On the DVD (UK, not sure about anywhere else) there is a feature called 'the secret of esrever', which tells you to look for very subliminal hidden images in the film - I have looked so many times and there is still one I can't find - does anyone know where the 'water' one is? The only thing I can see is what looks like an owl's head made out of the trees in the scene where the woman is drowning a baby in the lake. If this is it how does it relate to the film? Also is there a message in the images? There are a few words but I can't make a sentence out of them.

Answer: In the scene where the baby is submerged in the water, watch the lower right-hand side of the screen. You'll see the shadow of a stickman emerge and come higher into the frame.

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