The Ice Storm

Continuity mistake: Right after Wendy is told to stop praying during the Hoods' Thanksgiving dinner, Elena picks up a plate of beets and serves herself one. Ben passes the rolls to Paul at which point Elena repeats the same thing (her plate is empty again). (00:45:10)

Continuity mistake: When Paul gets off the train at the beginning of the film, the man who walks in front of him nearly slips on the ice. When the scene is flashbacked at the end of the film he walks safely.

Continuity mistake: Time of day in the last shot is incorrect. When the Carvers greet Paul getting off the train it is very bright - late morning or noon at the latest. When the camera shows them walking toward their car the lighting has changed dramatically and you can see it is the late, late afternoon due to the dark orange hues.

Factual error: The six-wheel plastic G. I. Joe van that occurs beside some other toys in the Carvers' house was manufactured by Hasbro only in 1983. The film however takes place in 1973.

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Janey Carver: Mikey's been out of it since the day he was born.

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Trivia: This film was shot in New Canaan, CT, but rather than shooting in the winter, which would make the most sense, they brought in dead foliage and made fake ice and shot it in late spring and early summer. To make the film more dramatic, they also spliced together scenes from locations miles away, not the distance indicated in the movie.

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