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6. 9/10. One that could be watched on Friday/Saturday nights as a near hit that was missing something. Brigitte Nielsen, Sandahl Bergman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger really give it their all. This is a pretty decent woman warrior movie that could've been better had the story tightened up a bit but it's still pretty decent.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Red Sonja is fighting some guy in front of her Master, you see it from her point of view. When she points the sword at the guy after she disarmed him, it's clearly to see that the arms belong to a man, as they are large and hairy. In the next shot, you see it from another angle and you can see her arms are placed in another position and its easy to see that it wasn't her arms in the shot before.

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Brytag: I will tell the future in your entrails, Red Woman.
Red Sonja: I know my future. You have none.

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