Mean Machine

Factual error: On his arrival at Longmarsh Prison, Danny Meehan is told that the establishment is a 'Cat B' prison. However, earlier in the plot, we learn that Danny Meehan is to be sent to a 'high security' prison. Cat B prisons are not high security prisons. They are known as 'local' or 'training' prisons. 'Dispersal' or 'Cat A' prisons form part of the high security estate.

Factual error: Mr. Hayter is introduced as the Chief Officer of Longmarsh Prison. The position or 'rank' of Chief Officer disappeared in 1987, 14 years before the movie was released.

Factual error: Danny Meehan is sentenced to 3 years, at London Crown Court, for assaulting police officers and drunk driving when banned. He could not have gone to the crown court for these offences. They are summary only offences and would remain in the magistrates' court. Additionally, the maximum sentence, as the offences arose out of the same set of circumstances, would be 6 months imprisonment maximum (in totality). Also, there isn't an offence of drunk driving when banned. This would be 2 offences; driving with excess alcohol and driving whilst disqualified.

Continuity mistake: When Nitro is being sent to another prison, as he is put into the back of the van the prison guard on the right has his hat knocked off, but as he closes the door his hat is back on.

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Massive: If you want any of life's little luxuries - chocolate, toothpaste, soft toilet paper - Massive is your man.
Danny Meehan: Massive?
Massive: It's ironic.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie the match commentator gives the following speech: "Guards of Pentonville, guards of Wandsworth, Walton nick in Liverpool, policemen of Britain, traffic wardens and parole officers, wheel clampers, your boys have taken a hell of a beating today. A hell of a beating." This speech is a direct reference to Norwegian sports commentator Bjørge Lillelien who made British headlines, when Norway in 1981 beat England out of the world cup qualifier.

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