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Mean Machine (2001)

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Corrected entry: As the prisoners are training for the game against the guards, they show Monk sitting at the goal post. Right after this scene, the characters discuss how they still need a goalkeeper, and they reluctantly suggest Monk to fill the position.

Correction: You have these scenes around the wrong way. They suggest the monk and then he is next to the goal post after they go and talk to him.

Corrected entry: During the football trials, after Mouse has booted the ball out of play, Massive goes to get it. When he is talking to Mr. Ratchett, his top buttons are all done up, as Ratchett grabs his shirt though, they are undone.

Correction: Actually you are wrong. When Mr Ratchett grabs Massive he pull the buttons off his shirt. You can even hear them fall onto the concrete.

Continuity mistake: When Nitro is being sent to another prison, as he is put into the back of the van the prison guard on the right has his hat knocked off, but as he closes the door his hat is back on.

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Danny Meehan: I'll tell you something, I didn't start off out as a youngster looking to sell my country out.
Massive: None of us planned to be here, mate.
Chiv: But you're forgetting one thing. You're a hero in Scotland.

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Trivia: During the demonstration by Chiv and Monk, Monk grabs Billy's privates and lifts him off the floor. This is a variation on the famous Vinnie Jones move first used on Gazza in the English football league. This move is also in Gone in 60 seconds and can be seen on Vinnie's website.

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