Kate & Leopold

Other mistake: On the first day at Stuart's apartment Leopold wears some green 19th century trousers he wasn't wearing during his time travel, and which surely weren't part of Stuart's wardrobe. (00:30:05)


Continuity mistake: When Stuart is on the phone with Kate and tries to explain who Leopold is and why he is with him, the clock on his wall moves back by about two minutes when she sits down. (00:13:25)


Continuity mistake: At the dinner at Kate's Charlie stands up to prove his manners. His fork is empty, but when we see him standing there's some food on it. (00:37:20)


Continuity mistake: When Bart lays a turd at a tree, the leash is wrapped tightly around the trunk holding him back, but after he is done he moves on forward, while the leash disappears at the top of the frame. (00:25:00)


Continuity mistake: During the dinner at her place Kate has both her sleeves pushed up to the elbows, but after she takes some dishes to the kitchen there's one brief shot from behind where the right sleeve is pulled down. (00:37:40)


Factual error: Otis elevator is called that because Elisha Otis invented the modern elevator in 1859, 17 years before the movie takes place. It had nothing to do with the Duke of Albany.

Continuity mistake: When Kate comes back home after the punctured dinner with J.J., her hair is freshly done. Even if she had ample chance to do this, it's out of the question that the rather messy style she had chosen for the dinner was not intentional on such an important occasion, and there was no reason to change this afterwards. (01:00:25)


Continuity mistake: Leopold tells Kate that by his 30th birthday he had "become a blemish on the family name", meaning he must be at least 30 in 1876, making his birth year at least 1846. When he goes forward in time to 2001, he is said to be at least 148 years old, making his birth year 1853 (2001-148) which would make him 23 years old. (01:11:45)

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Continuity mistake: Near the end when Kate is in her hall gown, her dress bodice is plain and the skirt comes to her ankles. When she stumbles in to Leopold's party, her bodice now has short black lace and her skirt has a train and a bustle.

Continuity mistake: In the close up shot of Kate holding the photos during her acceptance speech, the hand holding the photos is a man's hand. (01:46:32)

Continuity mistake: In the board meeting scene in which the margarine commercial auditions are first being looked at, the video gets paused on the first man auditioning and then the second man auditioning, but in each subsequent shot of the television, it's back to being paused on the first man auditioning. (00:29:49)

Continuity mistake: When Kate appears in 1876 New York, including at the ball, she is wearing a different gown to the dress she was wearing in modern day New York. (01:51:18 - 01:53:10)

Continuity mistake: At the end when Kate arrives at the uncle's house, Otis says "what seems to be the problem?" The doorman looks up at Otis, but the very next shot is Kate and the doorman is looking at her. (01:51:50)

Leopold: If it is a ransom you seek, my uncle won't pay a cent. Except, perhaps, for my demise.

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Trivia: The movie was re-edited days before its release because critics at one of the press screenings noticed a glaring problem. Originally, Leopold was Stuart's great, great grandfather. Since Kate eventually went back in time to be with Leopold, she would be Stuart's great, great grandma as well. Talked about whacked out incest. Most instances of that relationship were removed (it is alleged that Leopold's line "I felt that we met before on a previous occasion" early on was left in by mistake,) though it is explained on the director's cut version on the DVD.

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