The Boondock Saints

Corrected entry: The scene where Rocco is holding the priest hostage to indirectly "interrogate" Smecker: you see the privacy slide on Connor's side is down yet he is still able to pull Rocco's head through the screen.

Correction: You can see Connor open it with his finger through the mesh before he grabs Rocco.

Corrected entry: When the cops find the Russians in the alley, one corpse has a giant footprint on his back. This allows the detective to form his "serial crusher" theory. However, when the events are shown later, no footprints are ever made on the Russian. Connor doesn't land on him, feet first, and he's never stepped on, while Norman searches and cleans up.

Correction: He actually did land on him with his feet, which is why he is shown limping later.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Smecker is reliving the firefight at the poker game, he says that six men attacked. When he says this, you can see only five men in the background. Also, when he screams, "There was a firefight!" you can see the Duke's figure in the background, not the six men as claimed.

Correction: This isn't a real mistake. It's meant to show that the detective was wrong about his assumption of multiple shooters. The movie flashes back and forth between what the detective thinks happened and what actually happened at each crime scene. Its not showing what the detective says happened. But rather what had actually happened at the scene. For example: When the detective says six guys were waiting for them outside with guns drawn, he made that assumption based on the six guns that were dropped at the scene. In reality it was Il Duce using six different guns as proved in the scene that erupts around the detective. It is proven again to be the real scene later on when the brothers ask Rocco who the guy was that shot them. Not the "guys" as theorized by the detective.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rocco kills the peons and the bartender, he shoots the first guy, and then he pulls back the gun as if he's going to hit the second guy. Then the second guy is shown being shot. But the time between Rocco pulling back the gun and the guy being shot is too big, considering the scene was in slow-motion.

Correction: This entry is confusing. The time between pulling back and the guy being shot is too big, because (?) it was shot in slow motion? Isn't that the point of it being slow motion? The shot was stylized for dramatic purposes. Normal time doesn't apply here.


Corrected entry: As Connor and Murphy are wrestling around inside the upper vent shafts, the shaft loosens and the two fall through the ceiling. If you look closely, as the bodies begin to come down, you can only make out one. It seems as if the other is not there.

Correction: No if you watch the scene closely it shows Conner and Murphy falling at the same time, only back to back. You see them falling from 2 angles the first you can see both the second you can see one of them easily but the other you can only see his arm and leg.

Corrected entry: As the police are investigating the shootout at the hitman's poker game, the first gun outlined on the ground has a red handle and is not a revolver. None of Il Duce's semi-automatic pistols have a red handle, as you can see when he reveals his 6 firearms.

Correction: Watch carefully as Il Duce drops his first pair of guns, one of them most definitely has a red handle.

Corrected entry: The biggest hole in the entire story: Chekov is listed in the beginning of the movie as merely a "soldier" and is later referred to by Smecker when he says "not like those other mob peons in the alley." But if Chekov and his buddy were mere peons, they wouldn't have been invited to the big meeting at Copeland Plaza. Smecker said the nine men in that room were all big-timers, and "I have a dossier on every man in this room."

Correction: Chekhov was called to the meeting because he was a soldier, the big-timers at the meeting needed protection, hence calling in a soldier. We see the exact reason they needed a soldier because the Italian mob sent a man to kill everyone in the room, even if he couldn't have possibly killed all of them.

Corrected entry: When the Saints call the FBI Agent on the phone, they are shown calling from a payphone to a payphone. During that scene, they cut to a shot of the agent's business card, where the only phone numbers listed are an office number and a cell number.

Correction: It is assumed that the call would be payphone to payphone so as to be untraceable. I'd assume also that they called the work phone first.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which Conner jumps off the building after he drops the toilet, we see him fall slow-motion beside the Russian - his legs do not touch him, but when we see the Russian dead, he has foot-prints on his back.

Correction: You see him step squarely on the Russian's back later in the scene (after the slo-mo part).

Nick Bylsma

Corrected entry: Each time the Saints kill someone, they say a prayer. Towards the end of that prayer, they pull the hammers back on their guns to cock them. There are two problems with this: 1) On an "auto-loader" (non-revolver) with a hammer, the hammer is not intended to be cocked manually, but rather cocked when the slide is racked. 2) Racking the slide chambers a round and cocks the hammer back. While it is possible to have had a round in the chamber and the hammers forward, they would have had to rack the slide, then (very unsafely) lower the hammers onto the firing pin/firing pin mechanism, creating a scenario where an accidental discharge is much more likely. (i.e. when wrestling in the vents).

Correction: Although its true that on an automatic the slide typically cocks the hammer, they also can be cocked manually. Additionally, many pistols have what is called a "decocker" that removes the pin and lets the hammer fall (decocking the gun without danger of firing the round see: H&K USP). Its easy to concieve that these guns had decockers. Additionally, its very common to chamber your rounds then lower the hammer. Many pistols using double action (being able to fire with the hammer forward or back) do this, and it is considered much safer, because the trigger pressure necessary to pull the hammer back and then release it is significantly higher than to simply release a cocked hammer.

Corrected entry: As the three are having their wounds sealed, Norman is having his done first. As Sean Patrick is sealing the arm, Rocco is holding Norman down. You can see that Rocco's finger has almost entirely stopped bleeding already and is wrapped. Yet Rocco is the next one, getting his finger sealed.

Correction: Of course Rocco's thumb is bandaged. When your finger gets shot off, there tends to be a lot of blood, so they wrapped it to stop the bleeding. Plus, he had to help restrain one of the brothers, and that would be quite painful with an unwrapped finger nub.

Corrected entry: As Agent Smecker and the others are investigating the multiple-murder scene in the Copley Plaza hotel room, one of the others is suggesting that one man shot with two guns. Right before the flashback at the end of this scene, Agent Smecker says, "You telling me that one guy came in here and killed eight men with eight extremely well-aimed shots?" Yet in the very beginning of the same scene, he said there were nine.

Correction: There were nine killed, yes, but the head guy was killed last, execution style. The other eight were killed first, and quickly, so Smecker was saying that there was no way one guy could storm in there and kill THOSE eight with extremely well-aimed shots. The execution of the head guy wasn't "well-aimed", it was point blank.

Corrected entry: After the two brothers kill the 9 guys in the hotel room, we see Connor putting some pennies on the bald guy's eyes. However, if you look closely, you can see the pennies move because they are making the guy blink a whole lot. (00:43:17)


Correction: The pennies shake because the Irish brother is moving the body. He is rearranging the bodies arms and is also sitting directly next to him on the couch, so if the brother made the slightest movement the body would shake.

Corrected entry: It seems to be a contradiction that the brothers would seek to "destroy all that which is evil," yet have a friendship with Rocco whom they know is in the Mafia.

Correction: But Rocco himself is not evil. He is only a numbers runner who doesn't even like the other members of the mafia such as Vincenzo or Yakevetta.

Corrected entry: While Connor is attempting to rip the toilet out of the floor, he almost knocks the lid off of the tank. In the next shot, as he is standing up in slow motion, the lid is back in place. (00:22:30)

Correction: Almost is the key word here because if you watch in slow motion he ends up pushing it with his shoulder back onto it.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Russians are being yelled at in the hotel by their leader, his name and surname are written - and his surname ends with an "a." Only female surnames end with an "a" in Russia.

Correction: In the movie it does give the surname and the ending with an "a" is ok. This entry is thinking of the patronymic were it must end with an "a" to be correct for a female and a "vich" for a male.

Corrected entry: After the stand-off with the Duke, Murphy is the first of the three to have his wound sealed. Conner removes the iron from the stove, but in the next shot it is clear that there is blood already on the tip, and only the tip, of the iron, as if a wound was sealed before him.

Correction: The blood on the tip could easily be Murphy's, as Connor may have already put it to the wound before the shot, and it didn't quite do the job so they had to do it again.

Corrected entry: In the scene that Rocco shoots the cat, Norman Reedus has a cigarette when he jumps away from the table but when he checks himself, the cigarette is gone, then it reappears.

Correction: The cigarette is visible in his right hand, while he rolls over the chair and when he checks Sean and himself. He starts to switch hands right before they show the shot of the "cat" and it rests in his left hand when he points in disbelief.

Corrected entry: As the toilet (which Connor dropped off the roof) hits Ivan Checkov's head, it is clear that it is a fake toilet. You can see a top, flat part of the toilet which does not exist. (00:23:30)

Correction: The top part of the toilet detaches from the main part as Conner drops it, and nearly hits Murphy on the head hence why he ducks forward.

Corrected entry: After they cut themselves free from the rope in the hotel scene, they pull the rest of the rope out of the ceiling. How was the rope strong enough to hold two men and weak enough to be barely yanked out? (00:43:53)

Correction: The rope could simply have formed a loop(before being cut). Cutting the rope then "opens" the loop and the rest of the rope can easily slide down.

Visible crew/equipment: In the firefight scene, when Rocco and the brothers walk out of the house and see Il Duce, crew members are visible in the sunglasses. The most prominent example is in the head-on shot of the three men with Rocco in the middle. A man in a red jacket holding the camera is visible along with a half-dozen other crew members. Several of the shots between the timestamps have crew members' reflections visible in the glasses. (01:17:45 - 01:18:15)

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Connor: Jeez! It's a fuckin' six-shooter. Fuck!
Murphy: There's nine bodies, genius.
Connor: What the fuck were you gonna do, laugh the last three to death, Funny-Man?

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Trivia: The word "fuck" and its derivatives are used a total of 246 times.

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Question: Can anyone remember which of the brothers had "Veritas" tattooed on his hand? It was either the Sean Patrick character or the Norman character, one had veritas and the other libertas, but which was which?

Answer: Sean Patrick Flanery was the one who had veritas tattoed on his index. He's the one playing Connor. The other tattoo is not Libertas but Acquitas.

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