Funny Bones

Funny Bones (1995)

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Continuity mistake: When Tommy is buying the right to perform the Parker brothers' material, Tommy asks to see the material that he's just bought. He stands up and turns the chair round so that it's facing away from the table. The shot then changes, and he turns the chair round so that it's facing away from the table again.

Revealing mistake: When the Parker Brothers run to the side door of the ghost-train, which is supposedly in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, you can see it's a fake set built in a carpark, because the carpark bay marking lines disappear under the wall of the ghost-train. (00:29:35)


Visible crew/equipment: When Jack is at the top of Blackpool Tower, a light aircraft flies by, and as Jack stands up to watch it you can see his safety cable. (00:26:20)


Continuity mistake: At no point is is shown, or even implied, that George Fawkes and Dolly Hopkins know each other. They never talk to each other, none of Dolly's associates appear to know George, and when Dolly and George appear together in the same scene at the circus, they act as if they don't know each other. Yet when George meets up with the Parker Brothers after 30 years, it's in the same room of Dolly's house that Dolly and Sharkey met in earlier in the film. (00:44:10 - 01:26:10)


Revealing mistake: When Katie is making Sharkey levitate as part of her circus act, you can see the shadow of some rigging connecting him to a nearby pillar. (01:43:50)


Bruno Parker: I never saw anything funny that didn't cause pain.

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