Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach

Corrected entry: After the party where Harris gets burned by the brandy, there is a left panning shot of the beach which focuses on the large curved hotel. The next shot zooming out of the arch shows the hotel to be a blatant painting. (Note the frozen waterfalls on the pool.)

Correction: Lassard and the other man are standing in front of the real life Fountainebleau Hotel mural painted by Richard Haas in the 80's (although in 2002 during renovations the wall and mural were taken down).


Revealing mistake: When Hightower throws his frisbee to Proctor and sends him flying, Proctor starts flying away before he catches the frisbee.


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Sgt. Moses Hightower: Sir, I realize this is your jurisdiction. But if there is a rescue attempt, we would like to volunteer.
Capt. Thaddeus Harris: Commissioner Murdock, I couldn't agree more. I think it is vital that the rescues know Commandant Lassard intimately. Now, I can vouch for the abilities of these officers. After all, I trained them myself.
Sgt. Larvell Jones: Must be the drugs.

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Trivia: On the aeroplane, there is a man who refuses to put out the cigar he is smoking. This man is the film's director, Alan Myerson.

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