Visible crew/equipment: After the office party Bony T (Chris Rock) and Marcus have a conversation about how people are betting on how long it will take for Marcus to sleep with Jackie. After Marcus walks off Bony says "Not you Marcus, you the man!" Pay attention, as he pushes off with the mail cart he bumps into what seems to be the camera. (00:33:05)


Continuity mistake: When Eddie Murphy is lying in bed with the woman, she is lying on her side snuggled up next to him. When he lifts up the covers to reveal her feet (and check out her toes), they are pointed straight up as if she were lying on her back.

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Yvonne: I hope you catch a disease and your dick falls off.

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Trivia: When they are in the board meeting going over the perfume names, Grace Jones whacks Eddie Murphy in the face with a pad of paper. According to the commentary, this was not scripted. Grace Jones ad-libbed the bit, really hitting Eddie, and his reaction is genuine.


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