Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill (1988)

1 corrected entry

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie during the showdown between Syndey Poitier, the FBI agent, and Clancy Brown, the murderer, the latter places the barrel of his 9mm automatic into Poitier's eye and pulls the trigger. The result is a hollow click as the pistol is empty. That can only happen with a revolver. When an automatic fires the last round from the magazine the slide locks in the open position.

Correction: When an automatic fires it is supposed to lock the slide to rear, true. However, if the magazine follower is worn, or the shooter accidently covers the slide lock with his or her thumb, or the recoil spring is worn or broken, or the ammo is under powered, the slide will not lock to the rear. This is not a mistake any more than turning the ignition key on a car and the car not starting would be a mistake. It just happens sometimes.




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