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Mosquito Squadron (1969)

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Corrected entry: A German pilot drops a roll of film to the RAF commanders to let them know that POWs are being housed in the chateau. When viewed the film shows the POWs arriving in three US-made GMC trucks escorted by a US-made half-track - all vehicles just have German insignia slapped on the sides to make them look authentic.

david barlow

Correction: It wouldn't be the first time that an armed force was re-using captured and then re-flagged vehicles. In historical documents there are many cases of re-flagged vehicles, notably in the european campaign.


Factual error: In the opening scene, a German buzz-bomb is shown falling on WWII London. In the background, a nuclear power plant can easily be seen. A double mistake of sorts, as there never have been any nuclear power plants near London, even after they were invented.

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