Convoy (1978)

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Corrected entry: When the federal agent calls the Rubber Duck over the CB by his real name, Sheriff Wallace acts like he never heard it before. They had contact many times before this and he must have seen the Rubber Duck's drivers license and real name.

Correction: He doesn't ever actually write a ticket. The money exchange is in the form a bribe. That is why it goes from $50 to $70 when he gets mad.

Corrected entry: When Kris Kristopherson's truck crashes over the bridge near the end of the movie, on the riverbank in the background can clearly be seen, not only the camera crew but also a large audience.

Correction: Not a mistake. When Rubber Duck charges at the roadblock on the bridge, you can see a crowd running away, not to get hit. The crowd were there as a part of the story. Who says that there weren't both a crowd and camera crews at the riverbank to see what was going to happen to Rubber Duck.

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