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Cheech (singing): Mexican Americans / love education / so they go to night school / and take Spanish / and get a B.

Cheech: Shit, man, I'm gonna be late for work again. That's the fifth time this week, and it's only Tuesday, man.

Cheech: Responsibility is a heavy responsibility.

Chong: I dig it, man. It's good. But you know, while you were singing that, I came up with another song, man.
Cheech: Oh, yeah?
Chong: Yeah. It's like the same thing, only different.

Cheech: Man, if you had a second brain, it would die of loneliness, man.

Continuity mistake: In the welfare office as Chong is pulling the numbers out of the number machine he sits down and the number chain falls to the floor, but when the shot switches back to the guy yelling at the woman behind the counter the numbers are still strung tight in the background.

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