The Immortals

The Immortals (1995)


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Dominic: Florence? You see that hippie back there? If he even flickers or quivers, blow his head off.

Jack: How the hell are you?
Dominic: Oh, you look pretty good for a dead man Jack.
Jack: You know Dom, knowing you're dead can be a very liberating experience.

Jack: Time is of the absolute essence. And it's the only thing you can never get back.

Jack: Well you know, taking money from this organization and leaving them alive makes for a very shady future.
Dominic: You fucking ingrate.
Jack: Dominic, don't hurt my feelings.

George: I decide to check it out, so I went to the library, and it turns out that Pinocchio is a liar.
Billy: Yeah. That's why his nose grew.
George: You went too?
Billy: No, I've just spent a lot of time in the library.
George: Really. Which one, 'cause like uh, I've been on day trips to just about every one.
Billy: Harvard School of Law.
George: Really? Is that downtown?

Dominic: Tiny? The guy... this Peter. Peter is it, yeah? Peter. This guy, Peter. If he even moves, put a hole in the back of his bald head.
Pete: Jack, you better hope he kills me.

George: Billy, Billy, Billy they're... they're calling for backup.
Billy: Wait, wait wait. What the fuck did you just call me? Did you just use my fucking name?
George: When?
Billy: Am I gonna go crazy here or he just fucking used my name?
Cafe Manager: He just fucking used you're name.
Billy: You just used my fuckin' name! You idiot! You fuckin' mo... Wait, wait did I call you an idiot? I'm sorry... george! I'm sorry.

Benny Hayes: Is it true?
Pete: What?
Benny Hayes: That you're on your way out, too?
Pete: You think this bald is a fashion statement. Cancer.

Mifune: Did it all go as planned?
Jack: Well, I would have preferred not to have been shot in the face, but all ended as planned.

Billy: Hey George, could you come in here and make things worse?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the two police cars are chasing the truck, the two police cars crash into each other and explode - as soon as this happens the truck mysteriously disappears.

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