A Low Down Dirty Shame

Revealing mistake: When Shame calls the department store from the payphone, he makes the call without putting money in it. He just picks up the phone and dials.


Continuity mistake: Shame steals the guy's jacket and toupee from the elevator and even though Shame is 5 feet taller than the guy, the jacket fits perfectly.


Visible crew/equipment: Mendoza is confronting Sonny for walking in his place, giving him demands. When Mendoza dismisses the other guy to the right side of the screen before he stabs him, if you look at the windows and the reflections you can see a crew member holding up a boom mic in the background.

Kevin Brown

Visible crew/equipment: Near the end of the movie in the mall scene, on the baseboard beside Peaches where she is crawling and trying to hide from the enemies there is a reflection of a crew member following her.

Shame: Ooh, silk drawers and a red tie. I gotta wear these together! Get off me ladies. I hear those ladies callin' my name, 'Shame, Shame!' Leave me alone, stop tuggin' at my silk drawers, don't love me like you do.
Peaches Jordan: Are you makin' fun of me?
Shame: Hell, yeah.

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