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Corrected entry: When Billy first attends ballet class, Mrs. Wilkinson asks him to hold out his leg. When she's walking along the rows of students she's holding a cigarette that disappears when she straightens Billy's leg.

Correction: The cigarette doesn't disappear. Mrs Wilkinson gives it to a girl on the right, as you can see her take it from the girl after she has straightened Billy's leg and walks off.

Corrected entry: Wrong record label. In the first scene Billy plays Electric Warrior. The record he puts on the record player is on the Fly label. Electric Warrior was on Reprise.

Correction: In Britain Electric Warrior was released on the Fly Label and as the movie is set in Britain this scene is correct. T.Rex were only signed to Reprise in the USA.

Corrected entry: In the very first scene, it appears that Billy puts the needle an inch or two in from the start of Electric Warrior, whereas the song played (Cosmic Dancer) is actually the first track on the album.

Correction: Released on the Fly label in Britain, Cosmic Dancer is the second track on side one of Electric Warrior - so this scene is again correct.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Billy is getting off a train on the London Underground, he gets off a train that was built in 1996 and also the platform shows the protection doors that the Underground only recently (1999) started using - meaning that this station wouldn't have been there when the film is supposed to have taken place.

Correction: Billy doesn't get off the train in this scene, it is his brother and father. This scene is set in the present day.

Corrected entry: When Billy and Michael are outside the snow, they're making a snowman. When Billy's dad and his friends come by, the snowman now has a policeman's hat, but when Billy and Michael were at the snowman, they didn't put a hat on it.

Correction: Is it not possible that in between Billy and Michael leaving, and Billy's dad arriving, somebody else came along and put the hat on the snowman?

Correction: Actually this is just a washing line inside the kitchen, you can see clothes on it when they have a shot of Tony.

Corrected entry: Early on there is a scene where Billy is having a wash. He is covered in bruises and scratches, yet this isn't explained by any earlier scenes.

Correction: Billy must have had bruises from all the boxing he did, since he was a boxer before he started dancing.

Corrected entry: After the scene where Billy has a pillow fight with a little girl and leaves the room to be driven home by Julie Walters neither he nor the girl have any feathers on them in spite of being covered with them when in the bedroom.

Correction: After the pillow fight Miss (Julie Walters) calls up that it's time for Billy to leave. At this point he is covered in feathers. The next scene shows Billy and Miss (and not the daughter)in the car already at the place where she drops him off. She most likely made him brush the feathers off before getting into her car.

Corrected entry: Billy walks down a street with his friend the girl from the ballet. The girl has a stick that she pulls along the wall. When they separate, Billy crosses the street and the girl stands on the other side, then a police van passes by and and suddenly she's gone.

Correction: If you look at the van that goes past you can see the girl with the stick run up the road with it. She doesn't actually "disappear".

Factual error: In the scene where Billy's brother argues with a miner in the local shop, there is a plastic Polo dispenser that wasn't around in 1984.

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Billy: I don't want a childhood. I want to be a ballet dancer.

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Trivia: At one stage in the movie, Billy and his dance teacher travel across the Transporter Bridge, the only working cradle bridge in the world, which crosses the River Tees from Middlesbrough to Port Clarence, Stockton-on-Tees. At the time of the Miners Strike in 1984, when the film is set, neither Middlesbrough nor Stockton-on-Tees had an active coal field. Whilst the Transporter Bridge, now a grade 2 listed structure, is still working, it is not really a reguarly used entry or exit use from Teeside, if Billy and his teacher were going to an audition. Which raises the question as to why they were on the bridge, apart from giving the director the chance to show off a spectacular structure.

Jeff Walker

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Question: Toward the very end of the movie, when Tony and Jackie are going to see Billy dancing, it seems almost as if Jackie is reluctant to go on, and is seen walking slowly and looking all around. What is the significance of this?

Answer: Some time has passed since Billy left home and became a professional dancer. Jackie is older now and not as physically active as he once was. He has also seldom left his small, provincial town, and being in a major city like London is a little daunting for him, so he is a little uncomfortable and out-of-place.


I'd agree with "overwhelmed" (or in awe), but not to the point of being "daunting" because he was eager and excited to see what Billy had become and was not trying to avoid going there. (It was more like he was trying to not let on how excited he actually was).


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