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Trivia: Sullivan was originally going to be called Johnson. The name change was suggested by an animator who had attended Texas A&M University, inspired by one of Texas A&M's historic icons, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, known affectionately by students as "Sully." Ross saved the school from closure in the 1890s and had previously been the Governor of Texas.


Trivia: During the outtake, Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story appears when Mike and Sully are about to cross the street. The duo are standing next to a pair of green legs, which are revealed to be Rex's when the camera pans up.


Trivia: Watch the end of the credits. Anybody else see all the names on the "Human Child Scream Research Team"? What a cool job. Making kids scream...

Trivia: The "Hidden Mickey" can be found as a drawing Boo has on the chalkboard easel in her bedroom.

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Other mistake: Near the end of the film, when the identity of 0001 of the CDA is revealed, number 0112 is shown both standing next to 0001 as Roz enters the room and behind Sully and Mike on the opposite side of the room. (01:16:45)

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Sulley: Hey, did you lose weight, or a limb?

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Question: At the end of the movie, Fungus is seen amongst the employees promoting doing fun stuff, but since he is seen assisting Randall, and generally helping him and Waternoose with the scream machine earlier on, shouldn't he have been banished (like Randall) or hauled off by the CDA (like Waternoose) when the whole plan came to the CDA's attention?

Answer: Fungus was an unwilling lackey, not a co-conspirator.

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