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Trivia: Sullivan was originally going to be called Johnson. The name change was suggested by an animator who had attended Texas A&M University, inspired by one of Texas A&M's historic icons, Lawrence Sullivan Ross, known affectionately by students as "Sully." Ross saved the school from closure in the 1890s and had previously been the Governor of Texas.


Trivia: During the outtake, Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story appears when Mike and Sully are about to cross the street. The duo are standing next to a pair of green legs, which are revealed to be Rex's when the camera pans up.


Trivia: Watch the end of the credits. Anybody else see all the names on the "Human Child Scream Research Team"? What a cool job. Making kids scream...

Trivia: The "Hidden Mickey" can be found as a drawing Boo has on the chalkboard easel in her bedroom.

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Continuity mistake: When Sulley places the menu on the table he puts it face down (logo first), then when he lifts up the table, to quickly get Boo, the menu is face up. (00:26:05)


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Henry J. Waternoose: Kids these days. They just don't get scared like they used to.

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Question: Why does Sully get surprised at the end of the movie when he sees Boo?

Answer: He's not as much surprised as he is pleased to see her. She's going to be a little older than when he last saw her because it took Mike so long to rebuild the door. So if he's surprised, it may be at how much she's grown in that time period.

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