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The Borrowers (1997)

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Corrected entry: Near the beginning of the movie, Pea-Green opens the freezer with a popsicle stick. Freezers seal pretty tightly, so the stick would break. Even if it didn't break, it would be too hard for a borrower to open.

Correction: If you slam or push a freezer door shut then, yes, the vacuum created holds it shut pretty well. If the door was closed without excessive force then it would open quite easily.

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Corrected entry: When the exterminator (Mark Williams) accidently sprays the yellow goo onto Mr. Potter's face, it takes off his mustache but it didn't take off his eyebrows.

Correction: When the exterminator was pulling it off, he pulled it closer to the moustache than the eyebrows.

Audio problem: When Spiller throws the rope in the milk bottle trying to pull Peagreen out, you can hear him straining and grunting to keep a hold of it but his face and mouth are both relaxed.


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Peagreen Clock: Squished, or might get squished. Not much of a choice then, is there?

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