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Corrected entry: At the beginning when Devon Sawa's mum is killed under the bed you see a lot of blood on the floor and the lamp falls off but when Devon runs into his mum's room there is no blood on the floor and the lamp is back on the table.

Correction: The mother's body was found downstairs, not where she died. So if time was taken to move the body and prop it up elsewhere, than it's likely that the blood would've been cleaned up by the killer. We don't see a trail of blood from the bedroom to the den downstairs either, and the lack of blood on the killer's shirt would imply that he didn't carry her downstairs, but instead dragged her. So at least some of it was cleaned up at some point.

Corrected entry: The band that is playing at the dance is the Offspring. It is pretty fitting that they are playing the song "beheaded", seeing as the singer gets his head taken off.

Correction: Dexter, the lead singer of the Offspring, isn't beheaded, he's scalped.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Anton was burying his friends and parents, after Mick comes back alive and grabs him he drops the white mouthpiece to his inhaler. When he wakes up in the next scene, it's back on.

Correction: Maybe his undead friends put it back on for him.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the beginning in Seth Green's basement, one of the friends says that Anton hasn't been to school in six months. Later it is said that the girl will catch him reading her poetry over her shoulder in Biology class.

Correction: It's an exaggeration when they say Anton hasn't been to school is six months. They're just implying that he misses alot of school, not that he literally has not attended school in six months.

Corrected entry: The scene in the school when Jessica Alba jumps through the fan and the other girl gets chopped up, it is impossible because if the fan can cut her up wouldn't it of cut the rope first?

Correction: Actually no, it would do exactly what it did in the movie, because the blade wouldn't cut the rope. It would catch the rope and make it spin with it. It wasn't sharp enough to cut it, but if something was thrown at it, at the speed it was going, it would definately slice and dice it.

Corrected entry: When Anton first goes to his friends' house, they ask him why he hasn't heard of the Halloween Dance. The guy in the red shirt tells him that if he "had been in school the last six months..." As Halloween is in October, no one would have been in school the last six months, only the last two. And a Halloween Dance probably wouldn't have been planned before the end of the previous school year.

Correction: His friends could have just been exagerating about how long he hasn't been in school.

Corrected entry: Devon Sawa crawls through the window bare footed onto the road to get the girl's lyrics book and suddenly he has shoes on.

Correction: If you watch properly you can see Anton push a pair of shoes through the window before he climbs out. The next shot is of Mick and Pnub so Anton would of had time to put on his shoes before the next shot of him walking across the grass.

Continuity mistake: When Molly ties Tanya's whip around a bar to let herself down from the air duct, you can see as she slides down that the whip is knotted at intervals. But a few moments later, when the severed hand draws the whip back up, you can see that there are no knots in it.

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Debi: My work here is done. Time for the ritualistic sex.

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Trivia: Was filmed in the same neighborhood as the original "Halloween." Additionally, the gymnasium used for the Halloween dance is the same gymnasium used in the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" movie.


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Question: How did Anton not remember that he murdered his own parents when he was a killer all along?


Answer: He was either too high, sleepwalking or under the evil hand's control.

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