Visible crew/equipment: After the Goblins sing, "Slime and snails... Thunder or lightning," they all sing, "Jump, magic, jump..." and when the Goblin, with the red scarves at his waist (same one as earlier shot, also visible in later shot), lands back on the ground the wires attached to the back of his shoulders are visible. Then in the next wide shot, the wires attached to the back of the waist on the tall Goblin with the long hair, are visible. (00:25:40)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Sarah and Hoggle slip off the ledge at the Bog of Eternal Stench, Ludo breaks their fall below. As they fall, in the wide shot, the lines holding Sarah and Hoggle are visible. (00:56:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: As Hoggle and Sarah climb the ladder after being chased by the cleaners, Hoggle says to Sarah 'I'm a coward, and Jareth scares me.' As he says this you can see a wire attached to him. (00:35:55)

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Visible crew/equipment: While falling through the well of hands that lead to the oubliette, wires are visible attached to Sarah. Mostly noticeably when one hand says "Would you like us to let go?" and as she is dropped, wires are seen attached to her arms. (00:27:50)

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Visible crew/equipment: Sarah runs to the edge of one of the platforms in the Escher-style room, and sees Toby. Just before she jumps, as she runs to the edge, a safety wire can briefly be seen attached behind her. (01:26:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: Just after Jareth kicks the furry little creature way up towards the camera, he sings, "Jump, magic, jump..." To his left, when the little guy 'leaps' high into the air, in front of Jareth's throne, the wires attached to both sides of his shoulders are visible. (00:23:55)

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Visible crew/equipment: As "Chilly Down" ends, Sarah is pulled up the ledge by Hoggle. When it shows Sarah, and the Fireys flying behind her, above the first Firey that flies up, the wires are seen.


Visible crew/equipment: Just after falling into the Bog of Eternal Stench, the duo are moving along the ledge. As it breaks away, there is an overhead shot where you can see a white and blue piece of equipment at the top left corner of the shot. I don't know what it is but it's not in the next shot so it's not something natural to the Labyrinth. (00:55:45)


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Visible crew/equipment: Jareth says, "Sarah, don't defy me," and tosses the snake at her neck. In the next shot facing Sarah as she holds the snake, a crew member's hand is seen holding the end of the 'snake' below her right shoulder. (00:13:25)

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Worm: 'Ello.
Sarah: Did you say hello?
Worm: No, I said 'ello, but that's close enough.

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Trivia: In the scene where you get a look at Sarah's bedroom, if you look closely you'll see that many of the objects in her room resemble people or obstacles she meets in the Labyrinth. For example the book ends holding up her books look like Hoggle, she has a toy maze (labyrinth) and the doll in the music box is dressed in the same dress she wears at the ball. The music box also plays the tune of the song that Jareth sings to her at the ball.

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Question: This has always confused me. In the scene with the guards, which one always lies and the other always speaks the truth, Sarah asks which door leads to the castle gate then she figures out the riddle and chooses a door. However, the door she chooses, the supposedly correct choice, doesn't lead her to the entrance instead it's a trap. So did she choose the wrong door, or just the wrong direction for the hands to take her?

Answer: To add to that, the other door was supposed to lead her to certain death, and technically the oubliette wasn't exactly certain death.

Answer: She did choose the right door...if she had chosen up, she would have very likely come out at the castle, but she chose down.

If you pay attention down was also the correct answer. The Goblin king was angry when he discovered she was down there "She never should have made it this far" or something similar upon finding this out. Had she chosen up she would have ended up back at the beginning.

Answer: Sarah did indeed select the right door and did ask a sensible, albeit confusing question. The reason she fell into the oubliette (and the helping hands) is because as she walked through the door she said "I think I'm getting smarter. This is a piece of cake" - saying "piece of cake" within the Labyrinth to say how easy something is brings bad luck upon those who say it. Sarah said it to Jareth and he upped the stakes (reducing her time). Hoggle said it later (in Goblin City) and then they got surrounded by Goblins.

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