Bugsy (1991)

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Corrected entry: Bugsy hatches a plot to kill Mussolini, saying Jews are being killed in Europe, and he wants to help stop it. Although Mussolini was Hitler's ally and an evil man himself, he repeatedly refused Hitler's requests to deport Jews living in Italy. It was only after Mussolini was deposed that Italian Jews were deported.

Correction: In fact the scene is historically accurate. Seigel really did plan to have Mussolini assassinated by Mafia contacts in Sicily. Mussolini had been demonised by the Press and as far as most Americans were concerned he was just as bad as Hitler.

Factual error: The Lincoln Continental shown in the beginning of the movie is a post war model as evidenced by the grill. This scene is during WW II so it should have been the prewar model. It is very close in appearance to the 1942 model but it is not one.


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