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Corrected entry: At the end of the movie after Seth talks to Chris in the stairwell, Seth goes down a flight of stairs and passes Abby at her desk. However, in the beginning of the movie it is clear that her desk is right outside of the trading room, on the same floor. So how could he go down a flight and still be on the same floor?

Correction: At a certain point of time in the film, they pack their things saying they are moving upstairs (nicer offices), so he would have to go down in order to reach the reception level.

Corrected entry: In the last scene as Seth Davis is leaving the firm and is entering his car, it is parked normal in the parking spot. The next shot shows his car parked perpendicular, waiting for the Feds to go by.

Correction: You see him pull the car out, then wait for the feds to go by. That's why it is perpendicular.

Corrected entry: The movie is about "Boiler Rooms", a term for a set of illegal business practices which took place in the mid to late eighties. When Seth is arrested by the FBI, they tell him to go back to work the following day and back-up his "C Drive" to a floppy. When he leans down under his desk to insert a floppy into his computer, you can clearly see "32X" on his cd-rom drive. I'm not even sure computers HAD CD-ROM drives in the eighties, but regardless, they were most definitely not 32 times read capable.

Correction: The film's set in the present day.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, Giovanni Ribisi has a voiceover in which he refers to the #6 (subway) going to Fulton Street. The #6 train does not stop at Fulton, the 4 and 5 do.

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Greg Weinstein: Hang up. Hang up the phone.
Seth Davis: Thank you. That's nice for you to do that for me.
Greg Weinstein: First of all, there's gonna be a lot of these regardless of how good you are but you happen to suck big fat ass rhinoceros dick.
Seth Davis: Well, thank you. That's confidence inspiring.

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Question: Anyone in a sales floor realizes that if you have a lot of people in one room talking at the same time, there's background noise. Yet only one or two people have active noise canceling headsets. Everyone else uses handsets. Either everyone should or no one should. Why the difference?

Answer: I spent some time as a telemarketer (my apologies to anyone I may have called) and only certain people got headsets. They were used as a reward for top closers. Everyone else had to use handsets in a room similar to the one in the movie.

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