Human Traffic

Human Traffic (1999)


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Moff: I'm making love to the music man. And believe me, I can go all night.

Moff: See ya later Pete, no-one gives a fuck about ya.

Lulu: Take me to a world where the drugs are free, the clubs have no gravity and every shag guarantees an orgasm.

Jip: I'm having a monumental case of "Mr. Floppy."

Jip: He who dares, my son! He who dares.

Deliberate mistake: In the short scene where Jip is driving his car and talking to the older man in the passenger seat, the car is driving down Marlborough Road. The camera cuts between Jip and the man several times, one shot of Jip shows a building where some tennis courts are, another shows Marlborough Road School and the last one is going past some houses. In the last one he should be going past a shop called Bedybuys.

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