Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

Other mistake: Zack transferred his powers to Adam, thus giving up his ability to be a ranger again. So technically, he should not have been able to morph into the Black Ranger.

Other mistake: Technically, none of the Rangers should have been able to morph by calling for their original dinosaurs. All of those powers were lost during Zeo. As such, Billy lost his ability to morph, which was why Jason was called in to become the Gold Ranger.

Other mistake: Trini gave up her powers to attend a world peace summit, so the Yellow Ranger should have been Aisha in this movie.

Other mistake: We hear Tommy morph by calling for the Dragonzord but the Green Ranger powers were lost forever, he should have morphed into the White Ranger with "Tigerzord!"

Plot hole: If Minh knew about the Power Rangers, their identities and their history, it makes no sense that she would expect to morph without being specifically chosen to become the Yellow Ranger.

Factual error: Kat morphs by calling for the Pterodactyl but she wasn't a ranger when the Pterodactyl was in use, she became the pink Ninja Ranger so her call should have been, "pink ranger power!"

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