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Other mistake: Dante and The Agency both have extensive photos and videos of the team's previous exploits. Trouble is that most of it is simply stills and footage from the previous movies in the franchise, often occasions when nobody was around with a camera to witness and document what was going on, certainly not at the angles we see.

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Dante: Hey dorks, what are we blowing up?
Dante: What? The Vatican? Wow. Bet you guys are going to hell.

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Question: Spoiler! Does this movie actually end with Dominic and his son Brian about to die and the bad guy Dante winning?

Answer: It does - it's a massive cliffhanger leading directly into the next (and apparently final) film. The team's plane has been shot down and crashed, seemingly killing them all (but let's be honest, that's unlikely..). Dom and Little B survive the drive off the dam and crash into the river. Dante looks down on them and arms massive bombs along the length of the dam, they have nowhere to run to. End of film.

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