Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan & Wendy (2023)

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Continuity mistake: When Peter and Captain Hook are fighting, the sword starts off in Hook's left hand, with his hook on the right. During the fight Hook's sword is in his right hand and his hook is on the left.

Continuity mistake: A cannonball fired from Captain Hook's ship hits a cliff where Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael are watching. The blast hurls the four into the air. When Wendy regains consciousness, she is lying face down on the shore as waves wash over her. As she runs up the hillside to search for the others, her clothes are dry and her hair is blowing in the breeze. (00:23:20)

Steven Lee

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Trivia: Jude Law has said that he stayed in his character as Captain Hook for the whole of the shooting, even scaring the child actors on set. In order to make it up to them at the end, he drove an ice-cream van onto set for everyone to enjoy.

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