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After much lies and deceiving by Hugo (Josh Hartnett), Odin (Mekhi Phifer) believes that Desi (Julia Stiles) is fooling around with Mike and Odin kills her. Hugo and Mike are on their way to the game and Mike stops the car to help a "driver by the side of the road" (who is Roger, waiting for Mike and Hugo). Hugo's plan goes wrong when Mike takes the gun away from Roger so Hugo is forced to improvise and he kills Mike with a metal pipe. Then he shoots Roger and Mike so it looks like they shot each other. When Emily sees that Desi is dead, she tells Odin that it was Hugo who had the scarf (and he gave it to Mike). The police arrive, Odin shoots himself and Hugo is arrested.


Plot hole: About half way through the movie, the basketball coach is in his office and you can see a dry-erase board behind him, and a couple of dates such as 3-15-99... however earlier in the movie when they are announcing the basketball game they say that it is the 2000 season. They obviously changed the voice over to 2000 after the release date was changed, however the dates on the board are still referring to the scheduled '99 release.

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Odin: Jason, ask him why he did it. Ask him.
Hugo: You won't ask me nothing. I did what I did, and that's all you need to know. From here on out, I say nothing.

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Trivia: During the last basketball game of the movie, there is a shot of the coach, and you see some of the other team's boys warming up. Their school is on the front of their shirts. The school is Stratford, which being an Othello remake is a direct reference to William Shakespeare and his birthplace Stratford-on-Avon.

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Question: Anyone know of a soundtrack to this movie? I've looked all over the internet and haven't found anything, but I was hoping someone would have better luck.


Chosen answer: Go to http://www.soundtrack.net/soundtracks/database/?id=3007.

J I Cohen

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