Booty Call

Continuity mistake: Rashawn is pulling the condom out of the dog's mouth. When he finally pulls it out it has hair and drool on it. When the camera is showing a far view of the condom there's nothing on it.

Kevin Brown

Continuity mistake: When Listerine and Buns are seen having sex for the first time Listerine is wearing orange gloves on her hands all of a sudden.

Kevin Brown

Other mistake: When Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx are both running and they run into, then flip over a car door that opens, if you look closely, you can clearly see the hair piece worn by Jamie Foxx flies right off his head.

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Rushon: Hey Bunz, you got any condoms?
Bunz: Stardate 2102: I'm without contraceptives, so please... leave me the fk alone.

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