Fall (2022)

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Continuity mistake: When Hunter is on the dish retrieving the backpack, during Hunter's and Becky's conversation, the rope switches from right in front of Becky to the next section over to the left of her and back frequently.


Continuity mistake: After Becky charges the drone she climbs down without refitting the glass cover. Later a buzzard lands on the top of the tower, on the red cover.

Revealing mistake: Becky calls Dan on her iPhone, as she puts it to her ear you can still see the contact info while Dan's voicemail is playing and not the actual call duration screen. (00:05:21)

Continuity mistake: When the ladder falls off, several rungs remain at the top and are through the rest of the movie (eg. when Becky climbs down she attaches her rope to the lowest of these rungs). However, when the ladder first breaks and Becky is falling, there is a shot looking up at the platform that shows the entire ladder breaking off, with no rungs left attached to the platform. (00:38:44)


Continuity mistake: After the ladder falls and before the girls realise Becky has been injured, the cut on her leg is visible in several shots. Sometimes her leggings under the cut are red with blood and sometimes they're not - it goes back and forth a few times. (00:41:35 - 00:42:55)


Other mistake: In an early shot that takes place at night, a woman in a restaurant points out that the radio tower has a blinking light. Later on during the night shots we see the strobe close up. The problem is, there is no electrical equipment on or nearby the base of the tower, nor are there electrical wires visible for the lighting. How is this tower still receiving power? Tower lighting is extensive, and there would at least be some form of equipment for it present at the bottom of the tower. Not to mention, tower lighting has to be maintained by FAA regulations, and it's difficult to believe a 2,000 foot tower would be in such bad shape. Considering the strobe at the top is incandescent, it would burn out often and the tower would need to be climbed.

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Becky: Life is fleeting. Life is short, too short. So you gotta use every moment. You have to do something that makes you feel alive, and that shit, that would spread that message far and wide.

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Trivia: Profanity Warning: The original cut of the film contained over 30 uses of the word "fuck." When the film was picked up for theatrical distribution, the studio wanted to redub the film's profanity to make it PG-13. The studio had the actors redub their lines with less harsh language, and then used A.I.-based software (similar to "deepfakes") to digitally manipulate their mouths to match the new dialogue.


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Question: When the girls realize that cellphone signals are available at the base of the tower, why can't they fly the drone down with the cellphone as a load? Is the payload too heavy?

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