Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Trivia: When the party is put into the arena to run through the maze they see another two groups with them. The second one they look at, who make it to the cage, are from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.


Visible crew/equipment: As Doric leaves the house after transforming from a cat, a crew member can be seen in the background. The crew member is casually leaning against a wall, with a red T-shirt and a face mask. (00:41:18)

Stuart Mason

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Suggested correction: This person is a tiny figure on the extreme right of the screen who is on screen for a fraction of a second while the camera is panning away from him. I had to watch the scene multiple times before I saw what you are referring to. Even then, he is only identifiable if you freeze-frame the picture, thus invalidating the mistake. (At normal speed, I initially thought he was a red banner or curtain).

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