Trivia: When Buzz and Featheringhamstan fall after Hawthorne shoots the vine they were stuck on, you can hear a Wilhelm scream.

Trivia: Spoilers! In addition to the mid-credits scene with Captain Burnside, there are actually two post-credits scenes. A humorous scene right after the final credits scroll. Then, about 30 seconds later, right after the Pixar company logo plays, there an extra brief scene involving Zurg.


Trivia: Spoiler! There is a mid-credits scene with Commander Burnside. He is complimenting his space shield that also zaps giant bugs.

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Factual error: The film gets basic physics wrong while trying to depict relativity. Buzz Lightyear leaves T'Kani Prime for a trip around its sun, travels with near-light speed, and returns four years later. This could only have happened if T'Kani Prime's sun were at least two lightyears away! It gets more ridiculous. Buzz's last trip takes 26 years, even though he has traveled at faster-than-light speed. Overall, T'Kani Prime is experiencing either a mysterious time slow-down or a rapid orbit expansion.


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Question: How is it that Old Buzz doesn't know who Izzy is? Since Buzz knows everything and everyone, shouldn't Old Buzz also have the same knowledge?

Answer: While he would have been "introduced" to her prior to the last voyage, it was the same way that the current Buzz was introduced to her. Through the video that Hawthorne left him. Old Buzz didn't get to know Izzy the same way current Buzz did. Because of that, he just wanted to complete his original mission. He didn't care that his best friend was able to move on and have a family, he just wanted to get everyone home even though they had all moved on.

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