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Revealing mistake: When Charlotte Lockwood is doing a vlog holding baby Maisie, the needle she uses pokes Maisie's leg twice, which couldn't happen in real life.

Revealing mistake: While in the helicopter, Alan's eyes do not align with the location of the Dreadnoughtus. Alan is looking to his far right before the helicopter even approaches the dinosaur and it is shown across the front of the screen. Alan's eyes then stay fixed straight ahead (even after passing the dinosaur), giving the impression he's looking at the dinosaur, but he would have needed to keep turning his neck to the right as the helicopter flew past in order to keep it in sight. (00:35:14)


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Suggested correction: It's a common movie trope. The two things aren't happening in sequential order. They're happening at the same time. Alan isn't looking before the helicopter approaches the dinosaur...you're seeing the inside of the helicopter as it approaches and passes the dinosaur. They're happening at the same time.


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Revealing mistake: When the truck stealing Blue's baby drives off just as Owen spots it, dirt tracks are visible in the fresh snow from previous takes. (00:28:10)

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Revealing mistake: Before the Jeep roll-over, the four people inside were looking upward through some type of 2"x2" fencing (?) as the roof to see the bugs on fire in the sky. The Jeep had a luggage rack and luggage on top, so the "fence" as part of the roof did not make any sense (other than for filming purposes). (01:43:55)


Revealing mistake: When Owen rides his bike on the runway towards the plane, his stunt double is very noticeable because he doesn't resemble him at all.

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Revealing mistake: After Owen gets a lasso around the neck of the Parasaurolophus and is pulling on the rope, the noose loosens when it should remain taut. Also, the knot was in the center-front of the dino's neck and should have stayed there, but it somehow moved a couple inches clockwise. As Owen continued holding the rope tightly, the knot should have moved back to center-front or be too tight for the dinosaur to breathe. Next, based on the angle of the rope, the knot would be near the top of the neck. (00:08:41 - 00:09:30)


Factual error: The deer in the forest somehow does not hear the giant dinosaur approaching, so doesn't run away. (01:21:10)

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Ellie Sattler: Genetic power has now been unleashed.

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Question: When we first see Alan Grant, he and his team are excavating old dinosaur bones. Given that this is a time when Dinosaurs roam freely on earth, why is he even bothering? He could learn far more from simply studying a live dinosaur than its bones. And secondly, given that dinosaurs are alive and free, who is gonna have the slightest interest in bones that are millions of years old. I considered this a goof, but I'm opened to any explanations.

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Answer: The live dinosaurs are genetically tweaked recreations, they're not the "pure" dinosaurs of the past, which would still be of great interest. Plus just like any other archaeology or historical study, there's always more to be learned about the past, and a great many people are interested in what the past has to teach us.

Answer: Agree with the other answer but would add that while to date about 1000 species of dinosaurs have been identified, it is believed there are at least 1,000 more types that existed and are still to be discovered and studied. Only a tiny fraction of the known species were cloned by In-Gen and Biosyn, and, as noted in the other answer, they are not genetically pure. Also, there is much to learn about dinosaurs' habitat, range, species evolution and decline, mating habits, health and diet, the existing climate at the time, and so on. That would be why paleontologists like Alan Grant continue digging.

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Answer: The existing answers are good. In the movie, Alan Grant actually asked, "Why do we dig?" and answered his question, "Because paleontology is science [fossil animals and plants], and science is about the truth. And there is truth in these rocks." [00:20:52].


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