Best Laid Plans
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Nick: You know, not everything in the world revolves around fucking.
Bryce: No, just most things.

Bryce: I only wanted to get laid, instead I'm getting fucked.

Lissa: I've built up a certain tolerance for your fuck-ups.

Bad Ass Dude: Boy, you got a funny idea about chivalry. When me and my lady go driving, she always rides up front with me.

Nick: We're fucked.
Lissa: You're telling me.

Continuity mistake: The whole premise of the movie is a paradox: The main character's colleague thinks the main character has inherited a fortune, and the colleague wants that money which is why he tries to frame him by making him steal some fake drug money. BUT why would the main character run that risk, agreeing to steal the drug money? If he HAD inherited a fortune, he doesn't need a risky ten thousand bucks now, does he? Surely his friend might work out something was up when his supposedly rich friend agreed to run a risk to earn a comparatively small amount?

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