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Sweet November (2001)

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Corrected entry: It's very hard to believe that someone who takes as much medication as Sara could have so much energy and be able to act as if nothing was wrong with her, at least during the first part of the movie (until the script calls for her to act more realistically). Also, many medications cause considerable weight gain as a side effect. Sara wouldn't be able to look like a thin gorgeous supermodel while taking all those pills.

Correction: She could be taking medications that actually give her energy, or at least make her seem normal. Many medications (not to mention just having terminal cancer) cause considerable weight LOSS.


Corrected entry: When Sara Deever tells Nelson that October is almost over that he could be her November, later, she tells him that she had an October, but if it's still October and she's keeping men in her house for a whole month, no more, no less, then why isn't the man who is her October still there, therefore, making her have to devote herself to the other man before she picks up Nelson?

Correction: Sarah tells Nelson when they're eating outside at her home that her October was the shyest man she'd ever met. He asks her if the patient was cured, and she replies yes, and that the cure worked too well, and they had to terminate the month early.

Other mistake: During the scene when Nelson takes Sara home after rescuing the puppies, she asks him in for coffee and he doesn't accept. After she tells him she will accept a ride the next morning, he agrees and turns off his car. One of his headlights does not turn off.

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Sara: Nelson do you want to be my November.
Nelson: Yes.

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