Crazy/Beautiful (2001)

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film Kirsten Dunst's character is wearing a green shirt, she then gets in trouble wearing the same shirt and has to clean the tables after school (the same day). When she is cleaning the tables she is wearing a different green shirt, when did she change?

Correction: Detention is not always on the same day.

Corrected entry: As Carlos is being driven home after the football game, Nicole is seen in the passenger seat, then in the back seat with Carlos then in the passenger seat again.

Correction: You watch Nichole crawl into the backseat, so her being back there is not a mistake (but her reappearing in the front seat is).

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When we first see Carlos getting up at 5am for school, he is sharing a room with his brother. Yet later in the film after he fights with his mum, he goes to bed, and suddenly he has his own room.



In the scene on the beach when Nicole is taking photos of Carlos, notice that when they are looking at the photo together she has red hair. That is because that scene was filmed later while filming Spiderman.