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Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)

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Professor Rathe/Eh Tar falls into cold water, under thin ice, while fighting with Sherlock. Elizabeth dies of a bullet wound caused by Rathe when he tried to kill Sherlock. Some time later, Inspector LeStrade gets all the credit for solving the case and details of the case go public in the press. Sherlock explains to Watson that Eh Tar and his sister (Mrs. Dribb the maid) blended into British society years ago as part of their revenge scheme; their followers were the poor and homeless. Watson figures out that Professor Rathe's name is his real name backwards. He also figures out the answer to the riddle of the bear: the color of the bear is white (a polar bear) because the North Pole is the only place with an all southern view and it's the only color that Watson hadn't guessed yet. Sherlock leaves school and says good bye to Watson. An older Watson narrates that during that time he felt confident that he would one day see Sherlock again. Years later, of course, he would accompany Sherlock Holmes on more adventures. Before the end credits: it's stated that this story is a speculation of how Holmes and Watson met and written in honor of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his characters. After the end credits: it's revealed that Eh Tar/Rathe survived. He checks in at a hotel and signs in under the name Moriarty.. the nemesis of Holmes...

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There are several instances where you can see that the bandages used to wrap up the girls are pre-assembled. When the first girl is "waxed" you can see there are no joins between the bandages, they are all in one piece - almost like a body stocking. You can also see this later with Elizabeth, and it becomes more significant because you see the bandages being wrapped around her head as normal, and then when Watson pulls them off, they come away in one piece like a balaclava, which of course shouldn't happen.



This is the first movie in human history to ever to feature a fully CG (computer generated) character when the knight emerges from the stained glass window. Computer graphics had existed prior (Wrath of Kahn), but never once to simulate an on-screen character.