Catch the Bullet

Catch the Bullet (2021)

5 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: Britt is using his right hand to (try to) set his pistol atop a rock (per Jed's request), but the rock is pointed and at an angle. When the camera shifts to a side view, Britt is using his left hand to place the pistol on the rocks and the pointed/angled rock is not there. (01:19:49)


Other mistake: Jed has eight rounds on him/in his pistol. He tells Chad to go to his saddlebag to get another round of ammo and keep it in his pocket. Jed tells Chad "Let's play catch the bullet" since Chad (not his marshal dad Britt) is the only MacMasters there. Jed fires six rounds before Britt shows up on top of the hill, then two more (eight rounds). Jed shoots a ninth and tenth round before he tells Chad, "Get that ammo." Chad is never shown giving Jed the ammo from his pocket, but Jed keeps shooting. (01:13:42 - 01:17:46)


Continuity mistake: When Albert spots the "six riders coming over the ridge", they look closer than when Grandpa stands up to look. The background also looks different (and is mostly blurred to be less obvious). (00:07:18)


Continuity mistake: There is no barn to the left of MacMasters' house (otherwise, it would be visible from the front porch), but when Albert runs from the side of the porch into the open, there is a barn. When Britt got home, there was a barn but it was not where it would have been when Albert was running from Jed's gang. (00:09:10 - 00:10:18)


Revealing mistake: The Giles brother who got "hung" when he fell after getting shot by MacMasters can be seen moving his body (mostly arms). (00:04:06)


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