Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise (1932)


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Luana: I happy, Johnny. I happy you steal me away and we live together. I happy you teach me kiss. I happy you hold me. I happy for everything! It was best thing that ever come to me.

Hector: Boy, that's good! I've eaten worse than this in the Waldorf.

Walker: You know, you take a girl that's been filled with superstition all her life, you can't suddenly adapt her to our ways.
Chester: Aw, for heaven's sake, you talk like some old Aunt Emma. This is 1932! She's a swell girl and I like her.

Johnny Baker: I thought I just had a yen for you. I thought that this was only going to be a lark! Oh, but I love you, Luana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone. More than I ever could love anyone.

Skipper Johnson: That boy's whole life is wrapped up in his family. Why, if he came home with a native wife, it'd break his mother's heart.
Mac: For east is east and west is west. An never the twain shall meet.
Chester: Mac, what's the dope on the north and south?

Chester: Johnny, you're outta luck. No blondes.

Continuity mistake: The natives approach the ship; one in particular is shown swimming putting her feet right against the bow. One of the crew members pours their drink in the ocean; there's a sailor that walks behind him and makes a sharp left turn. Next shot, and the man is gone, but reappears a second later from the original starting point repeating the walk and turn. (00:05:30)

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