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The Wild Bunch (1969)

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Corrected entry: One of the bounty hunters was carrying a 1903-A3 Springfield rifle. This was a cheaper version of the 1903 rifle made in WW-II.

Correction: The entry that the 1903-A3 was a cheaper version of the 1903 is incorrect: The 03-A3 came AFTER the 03. The 03 had a weak action and the subsequent upgrade was called 03-A3.

Corrected entry: When the gang is sitting around the table in Aquaverde for the first time, talking about the General, William Holden compares the General tohis gang. Ernest Borgnine gets mad and says, "No Mr. Bishop, we don't hang nobody." He should have said, "No Mr. Pike," since Borgnine's character's name is Bishop.

Correction: William Holden's character is named Pike Bishop, so Ernest Borgnine, who plays Dutch Engstrom, is correct in calling him Mr. Bishop.

Corrected entry: During the opening scene, William Holden escorts an elderly woman into the bank his gang is going to rob. Once inside the bank, the elderly woman transforms into a middle-aged woman - it's a completely different actress! The elderly woman probably objected to the upcoming scene in which one of the gang members sticks his tongue in her ear and was replaced.

Correction: According to David Weddle's book on Peckinpah, Bo Hopkins licked the woman's ear without her knowledge - so he could get that reaction from her. So it was not in the script for the woman to object to.

Continuity mistake: Sykes is shot in the right leg, in the thigh area, by the bounty hunters. We see the blood clearly on it when he sits on a rock and holds his leg. Later, when he returns to Aquaverde where he meets Robert Ryan, we see as he sits on his horse that his left leg is bandaged.

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Dutch Engstrom: They'll be waitin' for us.
Pike Bishop: I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Trivia: Ernest Borgnine's limp is genuine because he broke his foot before production began.

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