Wild America

Revealing mistake: When the boys go into the bear cave and all of the snakes are hissing, you can clearly see that one of the snakes is a rubber snake with a black stick attached to its head - the black stick is coming from a whole in the ground. It is not even a good snake, the 97 cent 'convenience store' variety.

Revealing mistake: When J.T.T. is on top of the moose riding on his antlers, it is obvious that it's a dummy or someone else of greater and different size.

Revealing mistake: The bats coming through the cave mostly appear to be rubber or plastic as they fall the first time. You can tell as some just fall down to the ground and don't fly. They switch to computer generated after that.

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Revealing mistake: The bears turn their heads at the cave to a sound, and both are standing on their hind legs. They both are people in suits. They look incredibly fake.

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Continuity mistake: J.T.T. is supposedly "getting back" at his brothers by scrubbing their toothbrushes in the toilet. He scrubs the green and yellow brushes quite vigorously inside the toilet bowl. Later on, when the three boys are brushing their teeth, J.T.T. is using one of the brushes that he put in the toilet. (00:03:54 - 00:08:42)

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Agnes Stouffer: If you boys have been throwing any more firecrackers in my pool again, I'm gonna beat your butts until your nose bleeds.

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