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Corrected entry: When Chan is in the room towards the end of the movie where the guy takes Chan's gun and points it at the back of his head, Chan turns around and pulls the top of the gun off, supposedly to reveal no bullets, but you see one loaded.

Correction: The gun was not empty. Before Chan handed it to the bad buy, you can see a shot where he tampered with the barrel of the gun, as Chan did not trust him.

Corrected entry: When the car falls off of the building, sparks can be seen igniting from within the building. There is nothing in the building because it is under construction.

Correction: The sparks are caused by the metal of the car scraping the metal scaffolding.

Corrected entry: When Jackie Chan runs up to the stand when he shouts "Who am I?" at first he is standing at the very back of the stand and then he is at the front.

Correction: In this shot the camera spins around Jackie without cutting away and you can see Jackie never moves.

Corrected entry: When Jackie is sliding down the tree, after getting some fruit to help the guy with the snake wound, you can hear the noise of him sliding down the tree a few seconds after he gets off.

Correction: The sound isn't of Jackie sliding down the tree; it's part of the music.

Continuity mistake: When they are driving away in the white car they go on their side and drive around and then get flipped back up and there is no damage to the car whatsoever.

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Question: Was a lot of the dialogue dubbed? It seems that a lot of the actors' voices don't seem to match up with the movements of their mouths.

Answer: It's quite possible because most movies use dubbing (or "looping") as part of the post-production work to enhance the quality or fix minor sound problems. Sometimes a different actor's voice is dubbed over a minor on-screen character.

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