Every Breath You Take

Factual error: James called the "Washington Board of Psychiatry" to file a complaint against Dr. Clark (Philip). Complaints (which need to be WRITTEN) against medical doctors are filed under a State's Medical Board, which would be the Washington Medical Commission in this case. Washington has a Board of Psychology and there is a Washington Psychiatric Society, but there's no "Washington Board of Psychiatry" per se (and even if there were, a complaint would still be filed with the Medical Commission).


Factual error: After James made a complaint against Dr. Philip Clark with the [non-existent] "Washington Board of Psychiatry", in practically no time Dean Fanning told Philip that he could no longer teach at the Lindberg Institute of Psychology and "the Board's decision is unanimous." After a written complaint is filed against a doctor, the state's Medical Board/ Commission has up to 21 days to ascertain if the complaint meets the threshold or even warrants an investigation. Action would take much more time.


Other mistake: James supposedly did not give his name when he filed a complaint against Dr. Clark, which would make conducting an investigation to determine if the complaint was valid very difficult. Dr. Clark would be entitled to due process (presumption of innocence) and it is highly unlikely that the Medical Commission would have taken such quick and drastic measures against Dr. Clark under the circumstances.


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