The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

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The intrepid pair face off against a Satanist in the spooky series finale-already, dark spirits have possessed a child, a man and hope to obtain one more victim in this paranormal thriller that relies on darkness, scrunchy contortions, jump scares and eerie dialog told by various "authorities." Based on a true story.

Erik M.

Audio problem: When demon Bruno comes crawling towards Arne, the jumpscare sound comes earlier than we can see the demon. (00:24:05)

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Question: The woman who cursed David and Arne, is she a living human or a ghost? She seems to teleport like a ghost but from the way her father tells about her, she is still alive at that moment. I'm confused.

Bunch Son

Chosen answer: She's basically a witch/occultist. She uses magic and curses and whatnot, which might explain why she seems to be able to do unnatural things. But she is most definitely alive and not a ghost.


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