After Becky manages to gruesomely kill all four neo-Nazi prison escapees who invaded her family's lake house, there is a return to the opening scene wherein it is two weeks later, and she is being questioned by (presumably) police detectives. Becky says she's "sorry" but doesn't remember what happened to the man in the orange camouflage shirt. When the interviewers aren't present, Becky takes a big bite out of a gummy worm and has a smirk on her face - her smug smile reveals she remembers everything and how proud of herself she is over her self-righteous (but brutal) murderous behavior.


Continuity mistake: A vast majority of the movie occurs over the course of a single day, so it would be expected that Becky's hair stayed about the same. However, there were frequent fluctuations in Becky's hair's length, how her bangs were arranged, and color (whether the blue streaks could be seen at all or how much at a given time, and if she had dark roots on the top of her head).


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Trivia: Becky is wearing black boots, which might be Doc Martens. If so, the yellow shoestring might symbolize that Becky is anti-racist. Or, it might not have any meaning or significance.


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