Trigger Point

Trigger Point (2021)

2 mistakes

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Deliberate mistake: Louis says to his opponent "Glock 17, 17 rounds." The opponent says back "I lost count." In modern semi-automatic handguns, especially Glocks, after the last round is fired the slide stays permanently open till a new magazine is inserted and slide is racked, or the slide stop lever is manipulated (depressed down). The slide can be closed on an empty magazine as well by the slide stop lever. (01:11:00 - 01:11:30)

Factual error: He grabs a Glock handgun and a suppressor and begins threading on the suppressor. For this to work in real life, the handgun would need a threaded barrel which extends half inch past the end of the slide. The one he grabs, the barrel is flush with the slide, no threads. (01:05:35)

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