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9. 7/10. An excellent movie, the fifth one made by Paul and Milla Anderson. Here the idea of mercenaries fighting all these bad ass looking monsters in the desert is a good idea. I can only assume the critics dislike of it is because they hate every movie based on a video game and almost everything fun. Milla does pretty good as Capt Artemis, showing that same zeal she possessed in the Resident Evil franchise.


Other mistake: Capt Artemis offers Tony Jaa's hunter character an intact partial Hershey bar that she pulls from her pants pocket. The film takes place in a brutally hot desert that would've turned that chocolate bar into chocolate goo not long after the start of the film. If the heat hadn't melted the bar, it would've been smooshed by the continuous hand-to-hand combat between the two characters. (00:45:22)


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Marshall: They're everywhere.

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