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Corrected entry: When Wayne is fighting Mr. Wong he cuts up his jeans quite significantly, but in the next shot when it has zoomed out, his jeans are intact again.

Correction: Already submitted and corrected.

Corrected entry: In both scenes, where Wayne and Garth are traveling on the airplane, the pole under the airplane is visible.

Correction: It is supposed to be visible. It is supposed to be a model. It is a joke, just like the T-Rex in the park, or Jim Morrison's ghost. On their return flight the image is flipped (the writing is backwards on the plane), this is all part of the low-budget joke, just like the actors used to play Fake-Wayne & Fake-Garth in London.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: When Wayne and Garth are in England talking to Del Preston, Del tells them that he had the same dream about Jim Morrison that Wayne had. Garth looked amazed and agreed with everything. Yet later in the film, Garth says he doesn't believe Wayne about the dream. He was there when Del said he had the dream too, and he believed it then, why change his mind now?


Correction: Garth does not say he doesn't believe Wayne, he just asks Wayne to stop telling everyone about the dream because people are starting to think he's weird.


Corrected entry: Why was Garth nodding frantically when Del is telling himself and Wayne about the Jim Morrison dream. He was just told that Wayne had a dream, he didn't know the exact details of the dream, so why is he nodding as if he does?


Correction: A lot of time had passed since Wayne had first told Garth of the dream, he could have told him the details later, like on the long plane ride from Chicago to London.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: When Wayne is fighting Jeff (Cassandra's father) he shows off by swinging his sword around his sides. When he looks down his pants are cut from top to bottom, but in the rest of the fight his pants have the regular 2 cuts in them.

Correction: I'm not going to count this as an error, because I've always figured it's just part of the comedy. Garth wouldn't really be able to float horizontally when kissing Kim Basinger either...

Correction: According to the subtitles, he actually says "You punk. You crazy punk." He never says Mike. Due to Christopher Walken's style of speaking, the first time he says "punk" you can barely hear him say "you" and "punk" can sound like Mike if you aren't listening closely.

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Corrected entry: When Wayne is going to the church to get Cassandra, after meeting Charlton Heston, he is driving through high hills and desert landscape. Northern Illinois, where Aurora is, is extremely flat.

Jack's Revenge

Correction: That's the joke. It's supposed to make it look like a long journey.

Corrected entry: In the movie Wayne gets caught spying on Cassandra and Bobby. He loses his balance and falls from a telephone pole. When he hits the ground his body dents the concrete and then he gets up. If you look closely, the dent was there before Wayne hit the ground.

Correction: I've watched this scene closely and when Wayne falls, he breaks the concrete, he doesn't dent it. There is nothing at all unusual about the concrete before he lands on it, there was certainly no dent present. There does appear to be a line but since the concrete doesn't break along this line we can assume it has no significance.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bobby is showing off his guitar skills in the studio, he is playing with his right hand. In the next shot, you see the guitar strap over Bobby's right shoulder, indicating that he's playing with his left hand. (00:15:55)

Correction: Bobby is just briefly showing off and hasn't put the guitar strap over his head, it's just on his shoulder. We can see from the close up of his hands that the strap attached to the front of the guitar looks to be pointing in the direction of his right shoulder so everything is consistent.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie during the spoof on "The Graduate", Wayne is going after Cassandra to stop her wedding. He stops at a gas station to get gas, chats briefly with Charleton Heston, and then is back on the road again. After running out of gas, running on foot, and finally making it to the church, you can see in the background the same scenery (namely a high school) that is in the background as when he stopped for gas all that "distance" ago.

Correction: There is a clear shot when Wayne is at the gas station showing that he has no gas. He stopped for directions, not to fill up so when he really runs out of gas, he's still close to the gas station. Add a couple more blocks on foot and it's not surprising that the same scenery is in the background.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Wayne is talking to Bobby asking about Cassandra, the toaster behind Wayne begins smoking profusely. However, neither of the levers on the toaster are pushed down. (01:01:55)

Correction: It doesn't matter. Our toaster had a similar problem; the levers weren't pushed down, but the toaster itself had disconnected from the levers and jammed, making it overheat. Perfectly logical.

Continuity mistake: When Wayne and Garth are at the radio station, Wayne is talking to Drew Barrymore. As the camera cuts from behind her to in front of her, her arms switch positions. (01:02:00)

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Honey HorneƩ: Take me, Garth!
Garth Algar: Where? I'm low on gas and you need a jacket.
Honey HorneƩ: I'm gonna be frank.
Garth Algar: OK. Can I still be Garth?

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