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Billy: You know, I've never lost a science competition. Did you know a circuit is only as good as its ground?
Christine: Billy, I-I thought that your science proj-
Billy: Twelve-volt car battery. Might not kill you, but it'll make your teeth chatter. You're gonna return the First-Place ribbon and tell how you were unfairly helped with the train project. You cheated. You don't deserve to win. Am I being clear? [Christine nods]. Get her out of here.


Chris: I'll come while you sleep. The Fat Man has got his eye on you kids.

Chris: I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've lost my influence. Maybe it's time I retired the coat.
Ruth: You still have it.
Chris: Some kids with a deer rifle put two holes in the sleigh and one in me! All I have is a loathing for a world that's forgotten me.

Skinny Man: I've come for your head, Fat Man.
Chris: You think you're the first? You think I got this job because I'm fat and jolly?

Other mistake: The location of snow that accumulated on the porch cover or deck does not match the way snow accumulated on the SUV. The higher roof plus direction of the snowfall would have kept that part of the porch/deck sheltered from snow. (00:00:41)


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