Walking Tall

Continuity mistake: When Chris pulls Jay over, Jay's date has her arms down by her sides, then as the scene flips back and forth, there is one shot where her right arm is up on the car door, then back down again.


Factual error: After Deni fires the last shot in her pistol, she continues to pull the trigger and the gun continues to click. However, this would not happen in a single-action semi-automatic like the Glock she is firing.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Chris is gonna bust up the casino, he reaches into the back of his truck and pulls out a length of 2X4, but when he is inside the casino, it has changed to a 4X4.

Ray: This place is full of fake tits and real assholes.

oddy knocky

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Trivia: At one point, someone mentions The Rock's failure at football. In fact, The Rock played college football for the University of Miami Florida, and played for the Calgary Stampeeders until he suffered a nasty injury and had to quit.


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